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Non-Live Course (download and complete at your own pace)

Painting on Magic The Gathering & Dungeons and Dragons cards

Learn how to paint with acrylic paint on Magic The Gathering & Dungeons and Dragons cards with Bruno!

Check out his work at

Hear Bruno talk about his work (in his native Portuguese, of course! Bruno is a new transplant from Brazil-though the non-live class will be conducted in English.)

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About Bruno:

Hello! My name is Bruno Prata.

I am Brazilian proudly born and raised in Sao Paulo, although most recently I was living in a state in the southern part of Brazil, Minas Gerais. I just moved to Connecticut with my wife and son and I am excited to explore this new culture! 

I am an artist with a particular love of illustration. I taught drawing and Photoshop classes in Brazil, and  have led early childhood educational activities with my young son and his peers. My favorite kind of art to do is painting gaming cards like Magic The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.

I am thrilled to be a part of the team at MTC! 

Oh, and I like heavy metal music and cats.