Classes starting in January, 2019

*All class times are in Eastern Standard Time

Tuesday, January 8th

1:00pm The POet X

2:00pm: The Education of Margot Sanchez

3:00pm U.S. Latinx History for Young Learners

6:00pm 12-week Individualized Acting Course

Wednesday, January 9th

3:00pm The History of Basketball

6:00pm Young Adult Latinx Literature

Thursday, January 10th

3:00pm Shakespeare II: Greatest Works (meets thursdays)

Saturday, January 12th

2:00pm Speculative Fiction and Society

4:00pm spoken word poetry: Think it, write it, speak it (ages 10-13)

Monday, January 14th

1:30pm Humanity

2:00pm Brazilian Portuguese

4:00pm Japanese 101: Reading and Writing

5:00pm Painting

Tuesday, January 15th

12:00pm Utopia

4:00pm Japanese 102: Speaking

(for students who have taken Japanese 101: Reading and writing)

Monday, January 21st

3:00pm Solo Acting Class

8:00pm Spoken Word Poetry: Think It, Write It, Speak It (ages 14-17)

Tuesday, January 22nd

5:00pm Highlights in U.S. Latinx Literature

Wednesday, January 23rd

12:00pm Drawing

4:00pm The History of Football

Friday, January 25th

4:00pm Intro to Paragraph and Essay Writing

Tuesday, January 29th

6:30pm 12-Week Individualized Acting Course

Wednesday, January 30th

4:00pm African-American History: Rebels With A Cause