Dr.Karem Roitman 

Hello! My name is Karem and I am a seeker of wisdom. I think education can change the world and I spend most of my life helping others learn. I want to help develop a new generation of critical thinkers, of engaged citizens, of beauty lovers, and justice warriors. I have a PhD from Oxford University in International Development and I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I have been teaching for 20 years and have taught at various universities as well as consulted for various governments and NGOs. Six years ago I also became a home educator, spending much time teaching my boys (primary age) and their peers. Seeking critical philosophy classes for my own children led me to create classes which I now share with other young people. I teach classes on Politics, Philosophy, Sociology, Economics, and Anthropology.


Karem teaches Philosophy and Ethics on MTC. 



What Parents Are Saying About Dr. Roitman: 


As an unschooling parent, this opportunity for my child to engage in classes of this level is priceless.   Dr. Roitman is a gifted educator who gently and enthusiastically encourages her students to look within and beyond.   
This is exactly the type of class students need to learn to think for themselves about the issues which shape our world and who we are.

My child and I continue the discussions for days afterward.    Dr. Roitman is very skilled at incorporating all levels of learners into these discussions and maintaining the flow of the class.  We will definitely enroll in future classes.
— Cindy B. on Mar 30, 2018


Another provocative class by Dr. Roitman. My 12 year old enjoys this series, because of the skilled teaching.  The content is timeless -- high schoolers, college students, graduate students, as well as adult citizens, could ponder the content. What an opportunity for these younger children to begin to consider this content in a format that is engaging & meets them where they are!  — Wendie on Mar 8, 2018


Another insightful class from Dr. Karem Roitman! My son absolutely loves her classes and the new ideas and thoughts they bring to him. It is a delight to see the ways my son grows as a thinker and global citizen after her classroom discussions. If you have the opportunity to take one of her classes, do it.  — Amanda D. on Feb 19, 2018