Language Arts


Japanese 101: Reading and writing 

Ages 12+

This twelve week course is entirely devoted to learning the two of the three main Japanese writing systems, Hiragana and Katakana. Knowledge of these two writing systems will be necessary in order to read the main text of Japanese 102. Some Kanji (Chinese characters) may be introduced as well. 


Japanese 102: Speaking

Ages 12+

Once students have mastered Hiragana and Katakana in Japanese 101, they can proceed to Japanese 102. In this twelve-week course, students will learn how to introduce themselves, express opinions and use culturally appropriate expressions for a variety of real-life situations. We will be using "Genki: Second Edition" by Eri Banno and it's accompanying workbook. 


brazilian portuguese 101

Ages 10+

In this 4 week introductory course students will develop speech and writing skills in the Portuguese language while learning more about the vibrant history and traditions of Brazil.