Laurabeth Rapaz 

Laurabeth Rapaz, our Founder,  is an educator born and raised in New York City. She graduated from Brown University in 2006 with a B.A. in Theatre Arts. In 2012 she earned her M.A. in Applied Theatre from the City University of New York's Applied Theatre Program. She also spent 15 years as a professional actress in New York City (if you'd like to learn more about her acting credentials, click here). As an acting teacher she is dedicated to helping participants bring spontaneity, fun, risk, and most importantly, truth to their creative work. 



Laurabeth teaches Theatre Arts and Language Arts on MTC. She is also professional puppeteer and leads Storytime with Marvin The Monster for young learners. 

What Parents Are Saying About Laurabeth:


My 10 year old daughter loved this class! Laurabeth is a fun and engaging teacher who encourages and challenges our children by giving them positive feedback, suggestions and just enough out of class assignments to spark their interest further. We will definitely be taking anything at all Laurabeth will offer.

-Renee K.

Thanks so much Laurabeth for an amazing class. Before this class acting was definitely out of my comfort zone, but you really helped me get comfortable with it. It was great to learn from you, your professional help and knowledge were really beneficial as we worked on my monologue and I learned so much! Thank you!!

-River B.

Laurabeth is a fantastic teacher, and I would definitely recommend her monologue class. She was very encouraging while getting down to business with what needs work. She was also very accommodating in trying to work with our needs, trying to help my daughters get the most out of the class, even when we decided to switch paths halfway through. My girls would enjoy another class in the future.

-Annah H.