“The teachers are amazing - full of energy, knowledge, and a sincere connection even via the internet! I'll be utilizing MTC more and more on our homeschooling journey. There's a diverse amount of offerings and more being added all the time. We've been very pleased!”

-Dyan Z.

Laurabeth Rapaz

My 10 year old daughter loved this class! Laurabeth is a fun and engaging teacher who encourages and challenges our children by giving them positive feedback, suggestions and just enough out of class assignments to spark their interest further. We will definitely be taking anything at all Laurabeth will offer.

-Renee K.

Thanks so much Laurabeth for an amazing class. Before this class acting was definitely out of my comfort zone, but you really helped me get comfortable with it. It was great to learn from you, your professional help and knowledge were really beneficial as we worked on my monologue and I learned so much! Thank you!!

-River B.

Laurabeth is a fantastic teacher, and I would definitely recommend her monologue class. She was very encouraging while getting down to business with what needs work. She was also very accommodating in trying to work with our needs, trying to help my daughters get the most out of the class, even when we decided to switch paths halfway through. My girls would enjoy another class in the future.

-Annah H.

My son just finished an MTC class with Laurabeth Rapaz and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Laurabeth made it engaging and fun, and my son felt he really grew as an actor in the process. We'll be back!- Kinberly P.

Annie Beth Donahue

My daughter loved this spelling class so much that she will be taking all of the other spelling classes taught by Annie Beth Donahue! She prepared an excellent presentation and made it fun for the students to learn about the many consonant teams. The class itself was interactive, and I love that she shared the presentation with us after the class along with a handout so that my daughter can continue to practice.  — Angela G. 


Annie Beth Donahue is Superb! My son felt supported, excited & inspired by her approach(multi-sensory) & the warmth of her teaching.  She had a wonderful way of making these consonant teams easy to understand & fun to learn!  In addition, the links and information she shared are so helpful, thorough & generous.  My son is eager to practice all that we learned. He also requested that we take  every other class that she teaches. That is music to me! Thank you for your passion  ✨Annie Beth! — Nadine H. 

Karem Roitman

As an unschooling parent, this opportunity for my child to engage in classes of this level is priceless.   Dr. Roitman is a gifted educator who gently and enthusiastically encourages her students to look within and beyond.   
This is exactly the type of class students need to learn to think for themselves about the issues which shape our world and who we are.

My child and I continue the discussions for days afterward.    Dr. Roitman is very skilled at incorporating all levels of learners into these discussions and maintaining the flow of the class.  We will definitely enroll in future classes.
— Cindy B. 


Another provocative class by Dr. Roitman. My 12 year old enjoys this series, because of the skilled teaching.  The content is timeless -- high schoolers, college students, graduate students, as well as adult citizens, could ponder the content. What an opportunity for these younger children to begin to consider this content in a format that is engaging & meets them where they are!  — Wendie


Another insightful class from Dr. Karem Roitman! My son absolutely loves her classes and the new ideas and thoughts they bring to him. It is a delight to see the ways my son grows as a thinker and global citizen after her classroom discussions. If you have the opportunity to take one of her classes, do it.  — Amanda D. 

Laura Shumar

My son really enjoyed The History of Football class. He enjoyed the way that Laura taught. He was entirely engaged in each lesson, and able to repeat his learning after each class. A great experience! He says: "It was amazing."-Jenn M.

Paul West

Hi, the class that I took was awesome, even though I was the only student in the class, but I still loved it! Also a shoutout to my teacher, Paul West! Good job on your first MTC class!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Orion R.