Philosophy and Ethics 



Ages 10-15


Finding the good life, building the perfect society - these are the BIG projects that have driven much philosophical debate throughout history. In this class we will try to build a Utopia piece by piece. Each week we will discuss and debate one aspect of building an ideal society - from the individual, the micro, to the social, the macro.

In our discussions we will be introduced to various philosophers, who might play argue against our views. We will rely on Plato's Republic as a starting point for our conversation. Will we come to agree with Plato? Will we think Machiavelli has greater insights? Or will we be able to find holes in their arguments and build our own?

(Please note – the structure below might change slightly to address different learners’ needs.) 

Week 1: Introduction and Establishment of Club's Rules. The idea of utopia.

Week 2: The Good Life - How do we want to live?

Week 3: The Best Government - Who will lead us and how?

Week 4: Just War - Do we need violence?

Week 5: The Best Education - How do we prepare future generations? 

Week 6: Our money - What has the greatest value? Week 7: Religion and the State - Will our state please the gods?

Week 8: Beauty - Is there perfect beauty?

Week 9: The Social - How do we build the perfect nation?

Week 10: The Big Picture - what have we built, what have we missed?



Ages 10-15

What is time? How do we measure it? Why does it matter to us what time it is? How can we understand a past we were not present in – and are we even present now?



Ages 10-15

What makes us human? Is it our emotions? Our cognition? Our DNA? Can our humanity be given to robots? 


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Justice: An Introduction

 In this course, we will explore the idea of "Justice". We will use stories and ‘thought experiments’ to bring what can be (and feel) like a very abstract idea into life.