Speculative Fiction and Society


What is Speculative Fiction?

Speculative fiction is any fiction which compels us to ask, "what if?" If a major element of the story involves something not considered plausible in everyday life, then it’s spec-fic. Spec-fic includes horror, fantasy, magic realism, comics or graphic novels, and, of course, science fiction.



Spec-Fic and Society

Ages 11-14

Speculative fiction (more commonly known as sci-fi) has become associated with action over content, CGI over plot, and green slime over suspense. But along with the action and suspense, spec-fic includes some of the most progressive, thoughtful fiction of the past century. Spec-fic has a long history of inspiring people to break through barriers, and its creators and consumers have always been more diverse than you might think. There's more to sci-fi than meets the eye...let's explore!